Hyosung GT650R

Make or Break? Hyosung 650.

Make or Break? Hyosung 650.

“Isn’t that just a Chinese SV650?”UPAE-ODYG-3XC

Pretty much! Hyosung, unlike some of the other Chinese manufacturers, were among the first to take a stab at building bikes bigger than 125cc. Chinese 125s dominate the 125cc sector, but bigger bikes from China are less common. The heart of this GT650R is a SV650 based engine. The rest of the bike ploughs it own field though. The styling is a love or loathe it affair.

Hyosung GT650R“What’s up with this one?”

The previous owner rode it here from an eastern European country. Once here he then bought another bike and this got left in a shed.

The silencer was barely hanging on and the bodywork sports more scratches than a puppy handler. Then there’s the rust! It is pretty much everywhere.

“Not going to fix it then?”

No. The fate of this bike lies in being broken.

Article by Scott Redmond.