Kawasaki ER5

Make or Break? Kawasaki ER5.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ER5.

“That is a late one!”Kawasaki ER5

I had to double check that this ER5 hadn’t been owned by Marty McFly. In all my years of dabbling with bikes I have not come across an ER5 on such a late registration plate. Once satisfying myself that this 2006 hadn’t been back to the future, I did the deal.

Kawasaki ER5“What’s with the mods to it?

The previous owner had been busy making some changes to the Kawasaki. The digital dash not only looks good but it also works! Fully wired in and the speedo is showing over 600 miles since being employed. The funky headlight also shines up when asked. The piggy back rear shocks are a brand that I am unfamiliar with. On the plus side they look new and trendy. The recently painted wheels are shod with a matched pair of Avon tyres. The nicest bit is the full aftermarket exhaust system. The original ER5 pipe rotted out rather fast.

Beyond these changes the bike looks stock, including the purple paint.

“So what is up with it?”Kawasaki ER5

Lurking under the left hand side panel is a metal valve that was put in place after a fuel tap failure.

Surprisingly, it didn’t work!

The owner got sidetracked by another bike and that is why it is now with me. I have put it to market with a £595 price tag.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.