Make or Break? Kawasaki ER5.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ER5.

“What’s with those handlebars?”Kawasaki ER-5

Cow horn bars, they are well overdue a comeback, says I with this high bar Kawasaki on my books and ready to shift. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bike hadn’t been in an incident in the past, The bars, aside the original clocks, are long gone and replaced by one of those nasty custom mini dial speedos. There is no reason why anyone would actually go through the aggro of fitting that unless it was a cheap solution to an expensive problem.

“Looks clean enough though.”

Kawasaki ER-5The camera never lies according to that 80s group Bucks Fizz, although I beg to differ. I have had a few of these mediocre Kawasaki twin cylinder middleweights of late, this is for sure one of the nicer ones.

The paintwork is original and there isn’t too much in the way of rust to be seen, this could be different once you go deeper into looking at the bike though. My last ER5 looked ok, then under the seat the rear frame had rusted to within a gnats cock of actually snapping!

“What’s the scores on the doors?”

It is going out exactly like it arrived. I haven’t started it due to being too busy with other stuff and not having time to spunk on finding a battery and fresh fuel. My laziness could be your gain! Fetch an empty van and £395.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.