Kawasaki KR-1 250

Make or Break? Kawasaki KR-1 250.

Make or Break? Kawasaki KR-1 250.

“How can that be 30 years old?”Kawasaki KR-1 250

It isn’t just time that flies, so do these little Kawasaki 250cc two stroke twins.

Everyone from production racers to those who had newly passed their bike tests, were enchanted by the skinny little stroker.

Not many have survived intact though to tell their tale now.

“Is that colour coded duct tape?”Kawasaki KR-1 250

Yes! The previous owner had cherished this bike for almost 20 years. Then he had a super slow speed drop incident after fitting a brand new front tyre.

The fairing took the brunt of it. It must have been a strange drop, there is not a single mark on the standard exhaust and even the bar ends got away scratch free. The green duct tape acts like a Band Aid plaster over the clean breaks in the plastic.

“Will you repair it?”Kawasaki KR-1 250

No. That is a job for the next owner.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond of NTS Bike Breakers.