Make or Break? Kawasaki ZRX1100.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZRX1100.

“Just like Eddie’s.”Kawasaki ZRX1100

Not quite, but Kawasaki clearly took a fair few pointers from the famous 21 plated Eddie Lawson AMA bikes. The big ‘sit up and beg’ stance wasn’t an accident, it was what this bike was all about. The ZRX1100 morphed into the ZRX1200, and although the 1200 is a better bike, in reality the 1100 can still pull a crowd.

Kawasaki ZRX1100“It hasn’t done much work of late.”

For over a decade this bike hasn’t been anywhere. The seller had a stash of 20 bikes that one by one he’s been flogging off. The ZRX, despite having been sat for so long, started up with no bother at all from a battery jump pack. The seller had used the bike himself before the lengthy lay up and he had also made a few mods, the obvious one being the Devil 4-1 exhaust that he had also chopped down a little more! To keep it MoT safe, he had even fitted a db killer to the stubby spout. It was no louder than a standard system.

“Too good to break.”Kawasaki ZRX1100

I had bought it to break, but once back at the yard I was ditching that idea. With a bit of attention the bike could easily be ready for a MoT and then be enjoyed again.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.