Make or Break? Kawasaki ZX-10.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZX-10.

“Poor man’s ZZR1000 isn’t it?”

The ZX-10 is one of those bikes that is largely forgotten about by many. Kawasaki had so many attempts at improving their GPz900R, that in the end they simply gave up and brought it back with the reworked A7 model in the early 90s.

The ZX-10 replaced the odd bod GPz1000RX, which now strangely is starting to gather some love, and prices for any remaining bikes have started to appreciate. It might just be it represents good value when compared to what an average GPz900R costs now.

“That fairing, it is so 90s.”

This ZX-10 came my way via a mate. He heard about it coming to market and tipped me off with the details. Thanks Tom.

I only had 2 photos to go on and a few vital stats like the year and mileage. The fairing is one of those cheapo pattern items, but it comes with the funky twin headlight conversion. You will either love or loathe its looks. I think it adds character to the bike, but then I would be positive about it now I own it.

“How much is it?”Kawasaki ZX10

Let me get you up to speed first, before hitting you with the ticket price. It hasn’t been run for years, so it is a full on project job. The plus points are the full Devil race exhaust and the fact the bike is complete and comes with a V5 and keys.

That Kermit paint might split the room though. Given the 125bhp potential, it is definitely one that falls into the cheap thrills category. If you fancy a large lump of Kawasaki heritage, fetch an empty van and £795.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.