Kawasaki ZX7R

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZX-7R.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZX-7R.

‘Well that’s seen better days!’Kawasaki ZX7R

No shit Sherlock! This was one of those purchases that easily couldn’t have happened. I was sent a few pics of it with a description that was light on positivity. The green meanie was last used in 2010 and it’s been poorly stored since.

I zoomed in on the pictures and decided to take a punt anyway.

The next day it was delivered with the promise of the V5 to follow on shortly.

Kawasaki ZX7R‘That isn’t standard paint.’

This ZX-7R is one of those bikes that’s had a chequered history, and I don’t just mean that naff paint scheme design on the fairing.

Clearly its been tarted up in years prior to it being dumped in 2010.

I wish they had repainted the wheels back when they resprayed the bodywork. There’s very little green paint left on the rims.

‘Where did the chain go?’

That was cut off to make it easier to push. It had rusted itself solid. That, kind of, was the worst part of the bike, and if you look closer there are some green shoots of good news. The front calipers appear to be ok and the forks are in good order. Even inside the fuel tank didn’t scare me.

The exhaust looks like it will disintegrate if you started the engine though. Of course it doesn’t run anyway.

‘How much is it mister?’If it doesn’t make a £ a cc then

I will try knocking it out whole first, somewhere around the £750 mark? If it doesn’t make a £ per cc, then I will have no remorse in breaking it for parts. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.