Make or Break? Kawasaki ZX10 B.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZX10 B.

“What’s with that subframe?”Kawasaki ZX10 B

This was a pretty straight and tidy ZX10 before it ended up in the wrong hands. The bodywork was discarded in pursuit of that Streetfighter look. Not content with laying this 1989 classic Kawasaki bare, it was then hacked about further.

The rear subby was cut and shut in order to jack the rear of the bike up.

Kawasaki ZX10 B“Rest looks decent?”

Yes. Beyond the butchered bits, the untouched parts are all mostly ok. The small headlight fairing is ugly and thankfully isn’t wired in.

The fuel tank is dent free and clean inside. Kawasaki tanks from this era are prone to rotting away from the inside out.

“Got potential though!”Kawasaki ZX10 B

There is still hope for this old girl yet, so I will flip it out whole and hopefully someone will buy it to save! Bring an empty van and £695.

Article by Scott Redmond.