Kawasaki ZXR750J

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZXR750J.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZXR750J.

“What’s the story Morning Glory on this one?”Kawasaki ZXR750J

This is one of those genuine shed finds. It’s the rolling bones of what once was a ZXR750J. I know sod all about its history and it came to me via another trader. Sometimes it is better off not knowing.

Despite the manky first impressions under that dirt, grime and general grubby appearance lies enough of a bike to punt it on complete.

Kawasaki ZXR750J“Where there’s muck there is brass”

Part of my ‘job’ is keeping up on what old bikes might be back in demand. Classic racing class changes are quite often a reason that certain old shitters suddenly become popular again. The Yamaha FZ600 is perhaps the last time that this leg up helped push prices up, it’s all down to supply and demand.

With this in mind, I sniffed about and found out that the ZXR750J is a popular starting point for a classic race machine. Great news!

“What d’ya mean you sold it within a week?”Kawasaki ZXR750J

I chucked it up for sale with a realistic asking price of £395. For that you got a bare rolling chassis, a rust free fuel tank, some wiring loom with a CDI and pair of coils. There was also a complete but untested engine. On the plus side, it had oil in it and didn’t appear to be seized up. In short, it’s a project bike.

A few days in and I hadn’t even had any time wasters to fend off! Was I being too optimistic with my price point? No! A phone call from a chap who wants to build himself a racer for the 2022 Classic TT, game on.

A few days later and him and his mate arrive to scoop up the ZXR750J. Full asking price was paid. It turns out he’s also after a YZF750 because rumour is, they might be allowing 1993 750 bikes in, so best I keep my eye out for some YZF750 shed finds.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.