Kawasaki ZZR1100D

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZZR1100D.

Make or Break? Kawasaki ZZR1100D.

“What happened to that?”Kawasaki ZZR1100D

A random act of vandalism meant that this poor old Kawasaki got torched whilst parked in a bike rank.

Thankfully, it never caught properly and rather than a pile of dust, there is still enough of the bike to consider saving it?

Kawasaki ZZR1100D“Does it run?”

No! The loom is cooked and most of the water pipes have melted. The cockpit area took the brunt, the clocks and screen have melted the worst.


“Worth more in bits?”Kawasaki ZZR1100D

More than likely. Chances are it will get broken up this month.

Article by Scott Redmond.