KTM390 Cup Racer 2015

Make or Break? KTM RC390

Make or Break? KTM RC390

‘That looks a bit modern for you!’

A vast majority of bikes that I handle are old and not overly shiny, but this KTM RC390 definitely goes against the grain for me. I never woke up wanting to buy one and if I’m honest, I never even knew I wanted one in my life. We’ve all been there, trawling the internet to kill time and then suddenly you hit upon a bike that spikes your interest. That’s exactly how this deal came about.

‘What was it that appealed so much?’KTM390 Cup Racer 2015

Behind every bike is a story … the one that goes with this orange racer is pretty neat. Back in 2015, when KTM dipped their bread in that well tried and tested formula of a one make/model race series, they chose the single life to get the nippers involved. The street bike version of the single cylinder RC390 was given a bit of a makeover and it became a RC390 Cup racer! This actual bike was used at various trade shows, events, and race meetings to whet the appetite of potential racers. Since 2015, it’s only done 4 track days after being sold by KTM once its duties were done.

‘What’s the lowdown on them goodies on it?’

KTM did a great job of kitting the road bike out, and to nick their slogan it arrived ‘ready to race’!

KTM390 Cup Racer 2015Like all race bikes over the years parts get lifted. The fancy WP suspension was swapped along the way for standard but new road model forks and shock, otherwise it’s still sporting all of its goodies.

The fairing is a full race item, and so too is the single seat unit. A bigger 320mm front brake disc was also employed. Rear sets, wider handlebars and an Akrapovic exhaust silencer complete the upgrades. The eagle eyed will have noticed that they also dumped the ABS set up, encouraging more rider input and reducing the weight of the dinky trellis framed Austrian beauty.

‘How much is it Mister?’

With track days and racing finally getting back to normal, many people are scouring the ads for a track bike. This bike is on the button and ready to go! It comes with the handover pack from KTM and the orange paddock stand is also in on the deal. Bring an empty van and £2,795.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.