Make or Break? Linmax 50 Quad.

Make or Break? Linmax 50 Quad.

“Is that a Suzuki LT50?”Linmax 50 Quad

No. It might say Suzuki on the engine cover and look visually similar to the LT50, but this is defo not the real deal.

Linmax 50 Quad“Looks ragged!”

All kids bikes and quads have a tough life. They usually come my way once the nipper grows up and Dad wants his shed space back. This one hasn’t been used for years. Despite looking like a total turd, it is actually pretty complete and even boasts a healthy compression. The lack of throttle cable points to the fact it will need attention to run again.

“How much”Linmax 50 Quad

£200? Ok, bid me!

Article by Scott Redmond.