Make or Break? Spondon TZ250 4DP Chassis.

Make or Break? Spondon TZ250 4DP Chassis.

“What are you doing handling Spondon stuff?”Spondon TZ250 4DP Chassis

I never set out to buy this, it just kind of happened. It involved a few messages via Facebook with an old friend who had decided to part with it. After a ping pong session of questions from me and answers from him, we reached that point where I felt confident enough to send him an offer.

He had put a price on it at the start of our chat, but it was more than I wanted to pay.

In my corner was the fact he’d advertised it on Marketplace a week before Christmas, which never found him a buyer.

Spondon TZ250 4DP Chassis“Deal done”

After a few more messages a deal was done. I then went to bed.

Waking up the next day I sorted the services of Ian from MotoAll to go and collect it for me.

Yes, I had not seen the chassis in the cold light of day. I often do deals like this. I like the thrill of the chase.

“What next?”Spondon TZ250 4DP Chassis

I am tempted to keep my 1996 Spondon rolling chassis in the mancave. It’s a cool piece of Spondon engineering and the non Spondon parts are all Yamaha TZ250 4DP. If I do bail out, it would probably make sense to split it up.

Time will tell.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond of NTS Bike Breakers.