Suzuki Bandit 600

Make or Break? Suzuki Bandit 600.

Make or Break? Suzuki Bandit 600.

“Another unfinished project?”Suzuki Bandit 600

No! This was an up and running winter bike until a few weeks back when the owner parted company from the bike on some ice.

Upshot was some light damage, the worst being slightly bent forks. Beyond that there’s nothing too expensive to sort out.

Suzuki Bandit 600“The unfaired one looks the best.”

It just looks like a proper old bike. The chrome clocks and headlight add class to the now classic looks of the Bandit. Thankfully neither were damaged in the making of this article!

“How much is it?”Suzuki Bandit 600

It is up for £795. There is a long MoT and some fuel in the tank! Keys and V5 are with it. If unsold in a few weeks it will be broken for parts.

Article by Scott Redmond.