Suzuki GS500E

Make or Break? Suzuki GS500E.

Make or Break. Suzuki GS500E

‘Where did you find that?’

Yet another barn find bike that hasn’t ever seen a barn. The only people I knew with a barn when I was growing up were The Walton’s, and do you know what, I can’t recollect any episode of that TV show featuring an old motorcycle that had been left in their out buildings. This Suzuki GS500E hasn’t spun a piston since 2008!

‘Were they any good?’

Not really. But what budget parts bin bike ever is? Suzuki gave their old GS425 engine some bigger holes in the barrels to take the cc up to nigh on 500cc. Coming to market in the late 80’s it was pitched at those that wanted cheap thrills motorcycling. Thing is, Honda had the market sewn up with their VT500E and if you wanted a Japanese multi cylinder, then Kawasaki had the GT550 to tempt you with. The GS500E wasn’t an overly bad bike, it just wasn’t an overly good one either.

‘What’s this one like?’Suzuki GS500E

On the plus side this GS500E is complete! It’s even got a solid after market exhaust system and having been idle since 2008, it’s only done a measly 9,000 miles from new. Sadly it’s been poorly stored and there is plenty of rust here and there. The fork stanchions are heavily pitted and beyond saving. The engine turns over fine, but it will take fresh fuel and a carb clean to get it fired up.

Suzuki GS500E‘Who wants to buy this one?’

Used parts are plentiful thanks to the GS500E selling fairly well over the years. There are various firms knocking up pattern parts at a fraction of genuine Suzuki prices, so it could actually prove a worthwhile bike to renovate. I don’t think anyone would plan to restore a GS500E back to showroom standards, it isn’t that type of bike ( unless you know otherwise) so it really would be a case of a budget build.

‘Go on then, how much is it?’

It’s up for £495, form an orderly queue!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.