Suzuki GSX-R1000K2

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R1000K2.

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R1000K2.

‘One owner from new!’

This 20 year old Suzuki GSX-R1000K2 came to market recently after its one and only previous owner decided that after 20 years it was time to part company.

You don’t hear of many one owner bikes of this age, let alone something cool like this litre sports bike.

‘He added some tasty goodies.’

GSX-R models of all varieties often attract the kind of owner that likes to put their stamp on their bike. This can often result in some old shit being added! Thankfully our GSX-R1000 custodian had rather deep pockets and also impeccable taste when it came to bolt on goodies.

Suzuki GSX-R1000K2It is boasting all the right brands! There is an Ohlins shock fitted and it also came with an Ohlins steering damper kit, complete with Harris fittings. The Akrapovic silencer, with its chunky dimensions, looks spot on for a bike from 2002.

Suzuki GSX-R1000K2The biggest investment though was the AP Racing six pot front brake calipers that bite on to matching AP Racing brake discs. Even better, all of the standard stuff came with it.

‘These are getting a bit sought after now, aren’t they?’

Prices are on the up, decent K1 and K2 models aren’t overly available, so good ones tend to sell quickly.

This will more than likely continue to be the case.

‘How much is it?’

Good question. I really should asset strip the goodies and then pass it in, but the extras make it special and are all in keeping with the bikes age.

For the time being it can sit in my shed and wait for the weather to improve! 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.