Suzuki GSXR600

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R600 SRAD.

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R600 SRAD.

“Oh cool, it’s an S-RAD”Suzuki GSXR600
When manufacturers come up with these acronyms I wonder if they ever realise how people will end up saying them? Suzuki Ram Air Direct, a fancy way of saying how the fresh air ends up entering the air box is pretty straightforward, SRAD, pronounced like rad but with a ‘S’ in front of it. I though, have met plenty of people that have to call them S…Rad which is pretty annoying. Some people even add an extra letter … “Have you got any ‘strad’ bits?” is a regular enquiry.

The GSX-R600 SRAD is a bike that’s on the cusp of becoming a bike that people of a certain age will want to start restoring and saving. This will make used parts more expensive because the base price of a shitter GSX-R600 will climb. I’ve seen it so many times over the years. Each generation gets all emotional over the bikes that they grew up on.

Suzuki GSXR600“What’s the score on this one?”
Usual tale, owner bought something newer and cast it aside. Several years later and he’s lost all interest in ever doing anything with it. It then ends up in breakers yard. A few years back I would’ve had no hesitation in converting it into parts on the shelves.

“So what’s changed then?”
Used parts aren’t overly in demand because the bikes have no massive value. A grand buys you a bike that might look tired but still works fine. Double that budget and you can find the few really nice ones that are left. They are out in the cold, much like the GSX-R Slabside models were not too long ago. It is a tried a tested formula and people say you can’t bottle nostalgia.

“What awaits this beauty?”Suzuki GSXR600
I’m not sure. I could chuck a few quid on it and sell it on. I’ve already explained that I won’t break it. For the time being I think I will just plot it up for a while, it owes me less than the price of an average new crash hat. Worst ways, the 90s kids will skip straight to restoring and getting all nostalgic over R6 models, or my hunch might pay off? Come back in a few years time and I’ll let you know which way the SRAD cookie crumbles.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.