Suzuki GSXR750 Chop

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R750 Chop.

Make or Break? Suzuki Chop.

“That looks like an old school build?”Suzuki GSXR750 Chop
Sometimes people just have to vanish to their sheds to create the perfect bike for them. That could be how this Suzuki chop came to be created. It was built donkey’s years ago and sadly it hasn’t turned a wheel in anger for easily ten years, if not more.

“What are the ingredients?”
The frame came from an early GS1000. It’s a 78 on the S plate. When this bike was built nobody had realised that the GS1000 would one day become a desired 70’s classic muscle bike. Other than the peanut fuel tank, chunky alloy yokes and controls, much of the rest of the bike came from a GSX-R750 oil cooled model, probably a L or M model. It’s actually been put together very well. The downside is that the lack of use for a decade-ish, means the bike needs some loving to get it back on the road.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Chop“Looks too good to break for parts?”
Nothing is ever too good to break up, but I have to agree it would be a shame to slaughter it without first trying to find it a home. It can be bought for £1,500 and comes with a V5 and keys. Gizza bell if you fancy it 07872 530202.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.