Suzuki GSX-R750F Slabside

Make or break? Suzuki GSX-R750F Slabside.

Make or break? Suzuki GSX-R750F Slabside.

“Haven’t I seen this bike before?”

Regulars to our Classic Motorbikes Net YouTube channel will be familiar with this old girl. Our man Shroom did a whole series of videos a few years back where he dismantled and rebuilt this bike.

Between him and Bill they’d owned the bike for around 10 years, with most of those seeing the Suzuki laying dormant in their pretty full garage. Two years ago, I stepped in and bought the Slabby and to my shame, it’s spent that whole time laying dormant in my garage!

“What’s the plan now?”Suzuki GSX-R750F Slabside

Although I’ve done nothing with the bike itself, I have gathered up some parts that I intended to fit. Even after many hours of fettling, the Suzuki still had a running issue that lead back to the carbs. I received the bike with three sets of standard Mikuni flatslides. They were like the Goldilocks story! One set ran fine but refused to tick over. The second set ticked over lovely, but were not happy higher up the rev range, and the third set were generally shagged and didn’t run well at any rpm.

I sold two sets and honestly have no idea what set are fitted to the bike. I have sourced and purchased a bank of Mikuni RS34mm flatslides to cure the carb horrors.

Suzuki GSX-R750F SlabsideAlso, I have tucked away a full original 80s built Yoshimura 4-1 exhaust. There’s nothing wrong with the Micron system that’s fitted, but the rare Yoshimura holds more interest to me. I’ve also bought some Yoshimura engine covers and a set of new AP Racing front brake calipers. I like the idea of spicing up the Slabby with these period correct parts. These premium parts owe me almost the same amount that the bike stands me in.

“What’s stopping you from getting on with your makeover?”

Me! That’s the honest answer. I know that if I get my bling bits fitted it won’t stop there! I would love to track down some Dymag wheels, maybe get the frame double skin welded, and top it all off with a Skoal Bandit paint job. The thing is those hours poured into it by Shroom don’t warrant my reckless ways, and the bike is now reaching that age where the market rewards standard bikes with strong values.

I am in a bit of a corner, which I’ve created myself. Do I leave it be, other than sorting a carb swap, or do I charge in and stick two fingers up to myself and create the Slabby that I really want?

There is another option, that would be to sell it and the assorted parts and go buy myself something else instead!?

Suzuki GSX-R750F Slabside

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.