Suzuki GSX-R750L Slingshot

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R750L Slingshot

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‘What’s the story morning glory?’

Freshly purchased blind, and over that ‘well known’ auction site from a lad that had last used it back in 2006, this Suzuki GSX-R750L arrived in the yard after a 120 mile trip in the back of a van. The last owner had flirted with bringing the bike back into action, but after a battle to clean and sort the carbs that he lost, he gave up and sold it to me.Suzuki GSX-R750L Slingshot

‘Get me up to speed on the model.’

Bikes like to be used. Park them up for a while and gremlins will breed. Having sat for 15 years, you’d expect there to be all sorts of misery lurking within. The bike actually does run and the motor sounds fine, but the bank of Mikuni carbs definitely need some attention, or at worse replacing with a set that work.

This is a project bike for sure. My spanners only twist one way and it would be a shame for it to be broken for parts. The pool of oil cooled GSX-Rs have taken a kicking over the years. The ‘streetfighter’ craze of the nineties was largely down to the Japanese giving the public bikes that the current tyre technology struggled to deal with. Lots of sports bikes, not just GSX-Rs, ended up being slung up the road! That oil cooled motor with its lack of water-cooling plumbing and unsightly thermostat housings, means the GSX-R looks pretty tidy without its fairing on. The rest is history.

The GSX-R750 Slingshot series also had another trick up their fairing, the bigger 1100 engine bolts straight into the sweeter handling three quarter litre frame. The 7/11 was born. This 49,000 mile example could appeal to a variety of end users. Another potential future for this bike could be a classic track day bike. With other sports bikes from yesteryear getting gobbled up by those that choose to hide them and not ride them, the GSX-R is still a cheapo scratch for that track day itch.

‘What does it need?’

Suzuki GSX-R750L SlingshotAway from the pesky carbs, the rest of the bike at first looks pretty honest and unmolested. Fairing bolts, indicators and the one remaining mirror are all original Suzuki fitment. There are not even any anodised bolts, bar ends or dust caps. The paint is original, the black and grey scheme looks smart. It was a few years after the birth of the GSX-R750L that Suzuki started to use yoghurt pot style designs and overnight invented the shell suit graphic. For some, a Suzuki must be blue and white, and I get that, each to their own. The tyres are donkey’s years old, so they will need binning for sure. The calipers are dragging like a shitting dog. They are good old-fashioned Nissin 4 pots, so easy to breath fresh life into. The fork seals are actually oil tight, but only a fool would scrimp and pass over the opportunity to fill those upside-down fork legs with fresh oil and fit new seals. The exhaust is a full replacement Micron 4-1 system, the silencer looks huge! The exhaust appears to be all solid, a real bonus. A broken left-hand mirror happened in a standstill side stand horror moment, easily done…. With a modest budget and some shed time, this bike could easily be brought back to MoT standards.


‘How much is it mister?’

Prices for all oil cooled GSX-R750s are all over the place. Slabside models are leading the market, you will need over £5,000 to stick a ship shape standard-ish in your garage. Slingshots are slowly being pulled along with the tsunami effect of the rising Slabby prices. For some a Slingshot is a better bike, it all boils down to personal preference. I love them all! I have chucked this one up for £1,950. Course, there’s always room for a haggle! Give me a call, and bring an empty van to our yard, Peterborough PE6. Call Scott 07872 530202. Suzuki GSX-R750L Slingshot

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

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