Suzuki GSX-R750WN

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R750WN.

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX-R750WN.

“What were Suzuki thinking with that paint scheme?” Suzuki GSX-R750WN

The paint on this bike dates it firmly back to the nineties! Whilst manufacturers where being industrious with developing cutting edge technology for their sports bikes, the team that came up with the graphics had nothing more than a box of Crayola crayons and an etch a sketch. The ‘shell suit’ tag was quickly added by the motorcycle media of the time.

Suzuki GSX-R750WN“The forgotten GSX-R750.”

The early Slabby and Slingshot models have no end of fans. Likewise, the SRAD and early 2000 versions are becoming modern classics. Occupying the cheap seats section are the WN-WS models. They were the first step away from oil cooling and never really cut the ‘Colmans’ …

“This one doesn’t look too terrible?”

It isn’t. The KMH speedo is a clue to the fact that the bike started life in Europe somewhere. Some people get all caught up on the UK v import model thing. Why? They were all built in Japan.

A gnats cock from 50,000 kms is a smidge over 30,000 miles. Nowt for a thirty yearSuzuki GSX-R750WN old bike. The MoT history shows that the last owner did around 300 miles in 10 years!

The seller renewed the MoT before parting ways with the Suzuki. He even popped fresh tyres on it too.

“What’s it worth?”

It’s up for grabs at £1,995.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.