Make or Break? Suzuki GSX1100G.

Make or Break? Suzuki GSX1100G.

“Haven’t seen one of those for years.”Suzuki GSX1100G

Suzuki have made a number of bikes over the years where they use a base engine and adapt it into various models. They are not alone, it is a formula widely used in the bike world. What was odd about this incarnation was nobody was really ready to buy one!

The Suzuki GSX1100G uses an oil cooled motor from the GSX-R1100. However, unlike the sporty GSX-R the 1100G comes with a heavy shaft drive.

Suzuki GSX1100G“Are they any good?”

It is one of those bikes that nobody ever wakes up thinking I need one of those in my life. They tend to land with owners who want a big bike but have a modest budget.

Because they go under the radar it means prices are low.

“Does this one need much work?”Suzuki GSX1100G

It was put away a few years back with no known faults, there is even a brand new tyre fitted. It hasn’t been used for yonks, so will now need the usual stuff to get it going.

Article by Scott Redmond.