Suzuki RB50 GSX-R50

Make or Break? Suzuki RB50 GSX-R50.

Make or Break? Suzuki RB50 GSX-R50.

‘Big in Japan.’

There is a big following for these scaled down sports bikes here in the UK, which is quite something when you remind yourself that these GSX-R50 models were never officially imported here.

Since their launch in 1985, various grey importers have been finding these JDM offerings and shipping them back here to Blighty.

‘You mean they are road legal?’Suzuki RB50 GSX-R50

Yes! This one that I bought a few weeks ago is even MoT’d and other than finding someone with a chequebook (remember those) to write a kite to the DVLA for me for the registration fee, I’m good to go to get it registered.

Unlike the Yamaha YSR Gag Bike that uses a two stroke engine, Suzuki opted for a four stroke motor for their fun sized Gag bike.

Suzuki RB50 GSX-R50‘What’s with the Bomber paint?’

The GSX-R50 came in 4 different colour options. The traditional blue and white one is the most common, closely followed by this, the Bomber! There was also a pink one and a dull by comparison red one.

‘Was it expensive?’

Guess you need to define expensive? This one wasn’t cheap, but it was great value for money in my opinion, and that is all that matters.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.