Triumph T595

Make or Break? Triumph T595 Daytona.

Make or Break? Triumph T595 Daytona.

“They never caught on.”Triumph T595

Back when Sportsbike Britain wanted full on race reps for the road, Triumph realised that if they were going to mix it with the big boys, then they would need to launch a brand new model to do so, rather than shoving Cosworth technology into their lumpy Daytona 1200 etc.

Triumph added all of the must have stuff, things like a single sided rear end and an alloy frame. They forgot to add an extra cylinder though, and the three pot T595 was never going to do battle with the FireBlade etc.

Triumph T595“Stupid name too!”

The T595 name lead some people to think that it was only a 600cc. Not great for sales.

There are some good points though. The engine makes a great noise and the styling looks stand alone, even now all these years later. Also, prices are on the floor. Mint ones can be had for less than the ticket price of a new Chinese scooter.

“This one is cheaper still.”Triumph T595

The last owner slid off this at slow speed. The upshot is a knackered fairing and a bent handlebar. Used parts are plentiful, so it could be a cheap fix for someone.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond of NTS Bike Breakers.