Yamaha Fazer 1000

Make or Break? Yamaha Fazer 1000 5LV.

Make or Break? Yamaha Fazer 1000 5LV.

“That’s tidy!” Yamaha Fazer 1000

This bike hasn’t been used for around three years. The owner upgraded to a Yamaha MT-10 and then pushed this Fazer to the back of the garage. Having realised he’s never going to use it, it came my way.

For an old bike it is in really good shape. The only issue is a weird scratch on the fairing and headlight. The Black Widow silencer looks like it hasn’t seen many miles.

Yamaha Fazer 1000“Who buys a Fazer 1000?”

The end user will be someone who’s come to the conclusion that their sportsbike days are over. The Fazer 1000 offers plenty of comfort and the reworked R1 engine supplies the go!

It is a great combo. Also, the Fazer doesn’t tend to attract the kind of owner that wants to splatter the bike with anodised tat and shite extras, like most Bandit 1200 keepers like to do.

“How much is it?”Yamaha Fazer 1000

The bike needs a once over for an MoT. Other than the traditional Yamaha leaky fork seals, it doesn’t look like it will need much to get a pass.

Bring an empty van and £1,295.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.