Yamaha FS1E DX

Make or Break? Yamaha FS1E DX

Make or Break? Yamaha FS1E DX

“I used to have one of those.”

If you are of a certain age you may well have started your 2 wheeled journey into motorcycling on one of these spindly little mopeds.

The early models are the more common ones, but these later DX models differ mainly from coming equipped with a front disc brake! Many of these peds will have been crashed, stolen and left for dead years ago. The tiddler Yamaha sold in such big numbers that there’s still plenty of these iconic two strokes left to go around.

“How much? I only paid a few quid for mine years ago.”

Yamaha FS1E DXI don’t hate many things outside of animal cruelty and those little sweetcorn things that taste like wood. I do though have a bitterness to people who bang on about how little things appeared to cost over 40 years ago. You know the sort, whinging about anything from the price of houses or pints of beer, through to bags of chips and worst of all motorcycles.

Nostalgia sells, get on board or button it, simples. We’re all grown men/women after all.

“How much is it mate?”

Fizzy prices are all over the place, at the end of the day it’s worth what someone will pay. Someone who doesn’t need a 40 year old moped wouldn’t give you the steam of their piss for it, yet someone who’s wearing rose tinted glasses, will pay a handsome price for THE right bike.Yamaha FS1E DX

This DX isn’t perfect, the chrome on the wheel rims isn’t that great and the handlebars are also pitted. Those flies in the ointment aside, it’s in great shape. It’s also in one of the better colours.

The earlier bikes command the highest prices, so the DX offers an opportunity into FS1E ownership on a ( I use the phrase lightly) bit of a budget.

This bike is available right now. Asking price is £4,500. It’s a UK bike with the all important matching numbers.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.