Make or break? Yamaha FZ600.

Make or break? Yamaha FZ600.

“Is that an old race bike?”Yamaha FZ600

The CRMC is the ‘go to’ place if you enjoy racing older motorcycles. It wasn’t that long ago that I can remember going along to watch old boys racing their Manx Norton against other coffin dodgers on everything from BSA Gold Stars to Exotic Matchless racers.

Thing is, my generation are now entering that phase of life when we realise things were better in the olden days.

The CRMC moved with the tide years back and allowed bikes like this 1988 FZ600 into their fold.

Yamaha FZ600“Is it ready to rumble?”

No. This actual bike was raced by a local family, and last used in anger back in 2007. Since then it hasn’t turned a wheel.

The road parts like the lights etc are long gone. There is a V5 with it so you could always explore the daytime MoT angle if racing ain’t your thing.

“Will it need much to get it track worthy again?”Yamaha FZ600

It still starts and the motor sounds spot on. The brakes are dragging slightly, but there isn’t too much to go through. Oh I forgot, it will need fresh tyres! The Avon rubber is now cracking on the walls.

“How much is it?”

£1200. Bring an empty van!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.