Yamaha FZR600 3HE Track Bike

Make Or Break? Yamaha FZR600 3HE Track Bike.

Make Or Break? Yamaha FZR600 3HE Track Bike.

“Wasn’t the CBR600FM onwards a better bet?”Yamaha FZR600 3HE Track Bike

Depends who you are asking. For some people the first FZR600 model was a real hooligans bike. It was a no nonsense track inspired bike when most of its competition came with grab rails and centre stands. The FZR600 had twin endurance inspired headlights and the looks of a pure race bike.Yamaha FZR600 3HE Track Bike

“Where have they all gone?”

The model run did not last long. This makes finding one a bit tricky. This one was converted from a clean road bike into a track day bike around ten years ago. It hasn’t been used since.


“What is it worth?”Yamaha FZR600 3HE Track Bike

£995 buys it.

Article by Scott Redmond.