Make or break? Yamaha FZR600 3HE.

Make or break? Yamaha FZR600 3HE.

“The forgotten 600 sports bike.”Yamaha FZR600 3HE

Six hundred cc sports bikes are still massively overlooked by people looking for a cheap but interesting bike. Us of a certain age will have at least one sporty 600cc bike on our CV.

The whole 600 class exploded on the scene during the mid eighties, all of the major manufacturers got involved. The GPz600R was the first proper crack at the nut, despite Yamaha fans blowing the trumpet for the XJ600F that arrived first.

Honda cornered the market with their CBR600 jelly mould models.

Yamaha FZR600 3HE“The race rep one.”

The CBR was all sensible and even had a centre stand. Yamaha weren’t interested in going down that path. They instead went all in for a proper race rep. The FZR600 3HE was born.

Looks wise it had it all, twin headlights, distinctive paint schemes and oh, a fake Deltabox frame! The silver paint created an illusion of alloy, but unlike the FZR1000 the six got a steel frame. Making things worse, over time they rust badly too! Yamaha clearly saved some weight by not using much paint.

“Never been race you say.”Yamaha FZR600 3HE

This bike was converted to a track bike guise back in 2011. It was then used for a few track days and then parked up.

Sadly the road parts are long gone, but there is a V5 and spare pair of wheels. It needs fettling to wake it up again, but otherwise it is in really good order.

Bring an empty van and £895.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.