Make or Break? Yamaha FZR600R 4JH.

Make or Break? Yamaha FZR600R 4JH.

“Soon be time for track days.”Yamaha FZR600R

Every year around the start of April the sales of track day bikes kick off. The smart people would have bought a track bike back in winter and tickled it into shape ready for some fairing bashing at their favourite circuit. The less organised folk will start to scan the usual selling sites on the hunt for a suitable bike to take track side.

Yamaha FZR600R“You’ve gone too soon haven’t you?”

I was going to hold off until the clocks change later this month and then cash in on the market. However, with space being at a premium down the yard, I’ve opted to go early! This Yamaha FZR600R is available right now!

“Looks straight enough, what’s the catch?”Yamaha FZR600R

This is a 4JH model, the one that looked like a YZF750.

It was converted to a track day bike a few years back and the previous owner hasn’t used it since last summer. The tyres, chain and brakes are all fresh and the race bodywork is securely fitted, no idea why the screen looks daft though!

The Arrow silencer is quiet enough to sneak through the decibel limits too!

The bike needs some fresh fuel and maybe a new battery, otherwise it is good to go. It even comes with the V5 and a spare pair of wheels!

Bring an empty van and £795.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.