Yamaha FZR600R

Make or Break? Yamaha FZR600R 4JH.

Make or Break? Yamaha FZR600R 4JH.

“Thought that was a YZF750 at first.”
Yamaha loved their fox eye headlights so much back in the mid 1990s that they made them the face of the range. Starting out on the YZF750, they then got added to the FZR600R and even the ageing FZR1000R EXUP got treated to a pair of the Suzuka 8 hour inspired lamps.

Yamaha also got swept away with their ‘cocktail’ colour combos, which came in a base white and base black version.

“Was the FZR600R any kop?”Yamaha FZR600R
Yes! In a time when Honda had the 600 class by the balls, it was the other firms that needed to catch up. Slowly but surely they did, until even Honda had to ditch their steel framed masterpiece.

The FZR600R looks great even now, the motor had the edge on the proddie scene in the right hands. That silver alloy looking frame is actually painted steel, unlike the YZF and EXUP Thou’ that got pucker Deltabox alloy frames.

Yamaha FZR600R“Are they classics yet?”
Not really, that said weirdly enough none of the 90s 600s are overly sought after by the collect brigade, well not yet! This means that there are plenty to go around and prices are cheap.

This one hasn’t been used for a while, and scanning its MoT history online, the bulk of its 49,000 kms were done over 10 years ago. Other than a few cosmetic issues here and there it’s in good shape. A great basis for a sympathetic refresh or a cheap track hack. Bring an empty van and £895.


Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.