Yamaha R6 5EB

Make or Break? Yamaha R6 5EB.

Make or Break? Yamaha R6 5EB.

“They still look the part.”Yamaha R6 5EB

Yamaha got it right with the looks of the original R6. For some it needs to be red and white, but for many it’s the blue ones that have the edge.

This R6 arrived looking a bit sorry for itself, on the plus side it did start up and run ok.

Yamaha R6 5EB“Don’t they eat their liners?”

Yes, so many of these 5EB models have vanished because of the cracked liner issue that curses this model.

The plus side of this though is there are lots of used parts about if you are keeping your R6 alive with used parts. For that reason, this bike was not going to be broken for parts. Instead it was straight back out to market!

“How much is it?”Yamaha R6 5EB

Nice ones do over a grand, really good ones can pull £2,000. This was defo an entry level priced contender. It went to market with an £895 price on its head. Within a week there was lots of interest, and the first punter who made the effort to view it bought it!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.