Yamaha RD350LC

Make or Break? Yamaha RD350LC.

Make or Break? Yamaha RD350LC.

“Winter project time.” Yamaha RD350LC

Have you found yourself a winter project yet? A money pit to keep you occupied throughout those cold months. There is something right about building a winter project! This could make a great contender for someone.

Yamaha RD350LC“Yamaha RD350LC.”

This is a right mix up of parts. The frame is sporting a Q plate which points to an interesting history in its past.

The chassis is in really good condition. The frame is freshly powder coated and the wheels are both recently refurbished to original finish. There is an engine with it that will no doubt need a rebuild.

“Breaking it mate.”Yamaha RD350LC

After thinking about it I’ve decided to break it up for parts. It will make more fiscal sense from my point of view to do so.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.