Yamaha RD500LC

Make or Break? Yamaha RD500LC.

Make or Break? Yamaha RD500LC.

‘Last Christmas…..’Yamaha RD500LC

I am not about to sing Wham’s seasonal hit, nor review a poor film that wanted to be better than Love Actually. I am though taking myself back 12 months when I almost bought myself a Yamaha RD500LC.

Instead of pulling the pin and getting it bought, I dithered and talked myself in and out of why I needed a £20,000 classic Yamaha.

I watched the eBay listing for weeks and then one day it was gone! A few days later I saw the actual bike in its new home, a proud new owner popping up pictures on a 500LC Facebook fan page.

Yamaha RD500LC‘It could’ve been me!’

I was actually proper pissed off with myself for not jumping in feet first and buying the bike. So, I set about looking for another RD500LC to buy.

It took months to find this one, and I ended up buying it blind without even seeing it! Talk about me going from one extreme to another!

This all took place back in the summer and several months later, I am still super chuffed with my belated Christmas present to myself!

‘I love a happy ending.’Yamaha RD500LC

The thing is, I now don’t know what to buy myself to stick under the tree this year! I have had a few thoughts, but time will tell.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.