Make or Break? Yamaha RS125.

Make or Break? Yamaha RS125.

“Where did you dig that up from?”

This was a classic impulse purchase. I had already agreed to buy one bike from the seller, when he then asked if I’d have any use for his unfinished Yamaha RS125 project.

He sent some pictures and a price and I sent him the funds via my bank app on my phone, all of this was concluded whilst I was walking my two dogs! Isn’t technology a wonderful thing.

“Why did he give up on the restoration?”Yamaha RS125

Many reasons, time, motivation and most of all because of an admin error in the past that meant the bike had the wrong number plate for most of its life. These things can and do happen more often than you think. It was ok though, with some form filling and input from the DVLA he was well on his way to getting the correct digits for the bike after all these years. He then though lost all interest in completing the project. This was after rebuilding the engine, fitting many new parts including mudguards, chain and sprockets and even new fork stanchions.

Yamaha RS125“What is next for it?”

I will try and sell it whole. To get top bucks though I really should complete his paper trail with Swansea and get the registration number, part of me even kids myself that I will. Thing is, I know that I won’t.

My laziness will be the next owners benefit!

If you fancy an old air cooled Yammy two stroke in your life, fetch an empty van and £595.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.