Make or Break? Yamaha XJ600N.

Make or Break? Yamaha XJ600N.

“That looks mint!”Yamaha XJ600N

I hate that phrase. Mint! Yawn. It does though look very clean for a bike that is over twenty years old. Even more impressive when you consider this model wouldn’t have been your typical pride and joy type of bike.

The previous oweners have done a wonderful job of keeping it in fine cosmetic fettle.

Yamaha XJ600N“So where’s the catch?”

The fly in the ointment is the fact that one spark plug got stuck in the cylinder head! Too much pressure when undoing it meant the spark plug broke up. End result, it will need the head removing to fix or at worst another head or engine fitting. Pity that.


“How much?”Yamaha XJ600N


Article by Scott Redmond.