Make or Break? Yamaha XV750.

Make or Break? Yamaha XV750.

“That’s a Virago?”Yamaha XV750 Virago

Yes, well spotted. Back in the late 70s and early 80s the Japanese manufacturers all started to knock out mainstream custom bikes. The model names were often open to piss taking by those who mocked the comfy hot rod offerings.

This is an old XV750, it was one of those bikes that might have passed you by?

Yamaha XV750 Virago“Looks straight, quite like it!”

The sands of time turn us all into different animals. For many bikers we end up becoming our Dads! My Dad would have loved a comfy bike like this, with its Sunbeam S7 lookalike lines, well from some angles in poor light.

The XV750 was a pretty basic bike, the big v twin engine takes some cranking over and this takes it toll on the starter motor. The starter was the weakest link and often packed up. With a limited supply of XV’s to go around, those that ended up in breakers yards would have the prize of a good starter motor plucked off before even being unloaded.

That is what is wrong with this black beauty. The starter motor is dead.

“What’s it worth?”Yamaha XV750 Virago

I am chancing my arm at £695. Any less than that and I will just break it for parts, mostly because it is actually very clean for an old shitter. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.