Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar

Make or Break? Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar.

Make or Break? Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar.

“You sure that is only a 125cc?”Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar

Sure is! Not all 125cc bikes are tiny. This Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar is a full size motorcycle. The heart of the bike is an excessive v twin 125cc four stroke engine.

It is major overkill if I’m being honest, but it does look the part.

Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar“Looks like it needs some TLC.”

The chrome won’t get you home, and that is true! This bike was last used a few years back when the mundane ride ended up with the owner meeting a nice AA man. The AA bloke identified that the engine was seized solid! It was recovered to matey’s home and then left unloved in the front garden without so much as a cover over it.

“So it don’t work and is now also rotten?”Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar

Pretty much yeah. Here’s the twist though …These bikes really hold their resale value well so despite it looking beyond its sell by date, there is no end of punters that frequent the cheapy 125cc watering hole looking for a project to throw their coins at.

“How much?”

Bring an empty van and £495.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.