Make or Break? Yamaha YSR50.

Make or Break? Yamaha YSR50.

“Is that a Gag bike?”

Yes! Correct. Back in Japan these mini bikes gained that nickname of Gag bikes due to the way they mimic the bigger bikes they emulate.

The Yamaha YSR50 was the most common of the crop of Gags.

Yamaha YSR50“What’s the story?”

Well, this bike was bought new by a bloke in 1990 when he was living in Florida. When he returned to Blighty he fetched this home with him. It made its way over the Atlantic as hand luggage on his flight home. Once registered with DVLA, he then did a few miles and parked it up. That was back in 1992.

Since then it just went further and further back in his London lock up. The mileage is just over 600 miles from new. A few bits have vanished, the indicators being the most noticable. The other thing is the tank nut pad, which was in place but now resides on an immaculate YSR80 that’s in the man cave.

“Will you restore it?”Yamaha YSR50

Course not! I am drawn to the lived in and patina look of the bike, these days they are all restored!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.