Yamaha YSR80 Gag Bike

Make or break? Yamaha YSR80 Gag Bike.

Make or break? Yamaha YSR80 Gag Bike.

‘Big in Japan’.

Back in the 80s, the Japanese created the Gag Bike market, some called it a craze. Most crazes come and go quite quickly, although that’s something these fun size bikes haven’t done, if anything 3 decades later their attraction is larger than ever.

‘Who buys these things?’

We are all big kids, and these pocket rockets appeal to a variety of people. I bought this super low mileage example because I’ve got a long standing connection with the Yamaha YSR.

Back in 1987, I did my Part One bike test on one of these, but only after riding from Dagenham up the A12 to Chelmsford to do so at their Star Rider site. In a strange twist of fate that actual bike (Q499 VME) was recently on eBay for sale! Perhaps you bought it?

‘Tell us about this one then?’Yamaha YSR80 Gag Bike

This is the 80cc version, identical to the 50cc one in every way except it comes with a rev counter. The engine is based on a DT50MX/80MX, so there’s no issues getting parts. The bike is as good as you can hope to find. There’s only 800 odd kilometres recorded and it is a low owner bike. The two keepers both had it on static display. I was keen to start it up, something that the last owner hadn’t even done. Three kicks and even with a flat battery it whirred into life.

‘What’s the plan with it?’

I bought it totally on a whim, but already I am emotionally involved with this 1986 tiddler. It’s even inspired me to start rearranging my garage so that I can keep it safe. I have no plans to sell it anytime soon.

Yamaha YSR80 Gag Bike‘How much do they make?’

My old one that appeared a few weeks back, sold for just over £2,000. It hadn’t been used since 1993 and would have needed some cash injection to get it roadworthy. Dealers will always push the market, so they often appear with pumped up asking prices. With the current madness in the import market still playing out, any fresh bikes that wash up on our shores will be hit with Rishi’s cut before going up for sale. In other words, they will end up dearer than what they were pre pandemic. I know of a blue and yellow one that sold recently fairly swiftly for £3,650.

These small bikes are demanding big prices!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.