Yamaha YZF750

Make or Break? Yamaha YZF750.

Make or Break? Yamaha YZF750.

“Race rep!”Yamaha YZF750

This YZF750 came my way over a year ago. Since then it’s been in my garage gathering dust. I realised recently I should do something about it.

The previous owner had spent many hours and much money on rebuilding it. The end result is a one off YZF750 dripping in lots of goodies.

Yamaha YZF750“Not a RetroMod.”

The scene now is to take an old bike and fit the latest running gear to it. The builder of this YZF avoided all that and just made the best of what Yamaha had given him. The swinging arm got extra bracing and the forks got fully rebuilt with anodised stanchions. The bodywork is mostly stock except for a twist with only one headlight and a smaller FZR400 tail light.

“What next?”Yamaha YZF750

I’m pretty sure I am going to break it, watch this space.

Article by Scott Redmond.