Moto Guzzi V8

Moto Guzzi V8 at the Thundersprint

Sammy Miller with his 1957 Moto Guzzi V8Few people would dispute that the most exotic racing motorcycle ever built is the iconic, eight cylinder Moto Guzzi. Now, the only race worthy example of this fantastic machine will star at Thundersprint 2012 which will be held in Northwich Town Centre over the weekend of May 12/13.

The Guzzi Otto Cilindri was designed by the legendary Giulio Cesare Carcano for the 1955 GP season. Despite its complexity, the bike was immediately competitive with a top speed of over 170mph. The eight cylinder engine is both tiny and very light, weighing under 45kgs – just over 90lbs.

However, the under-financed Moto Guzzi factory could not afford to develop the V8, and so realise its full potential, and it was withdrawn from racing in 1957.

Now, Sammy Miller is bringing this motorcycling masterpiece to the Thundersprint. Sammy said: “There is always one bike which has been missing from the Sammy Miller Museum’s collection – and that’s the Guzzi V8. There has never been a more complex, or technically sophisticated, motorcycle raced than the V8 and we just had to have one.

“But for me, it was no use having the bike sat on a plinth in the museum surrounded by photographs of the old GP stars. I wanted a bike which ran like the original machines so that everyone could hear that incredible eight cylinder howl – the most soul stirring engine note in motorcycling.

“Choosing where to run the bike for the first time in England was easy. The Guzzi is a GP thoroughbred and it all needs the glitz and glamour of a truly big event – and there’s no bigger classic bike show in the world than the Thundersprint.

“I can’t wait to run this fabulous legend on the world’s smallest GP track on May 13. Make sure that you are there to share this historic moment.”