Motorcycle Crash – Ever wonder what happens |Knox SPS

f9d936d3-26fd-46fc-982c-3c1772e2e168Injury to the scaphoid is usually caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand and is common in motorcycling accidents.

The Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) is a patented technology from Knox that consists of two low-friction pads positioned on the palm of each riding glove. These allow the palm to slide across the road surface, eliminating the ‘grab’ effect and either compression or hyper-extension of the wrist.

Painful, commonly misdiagnosed and notoriously difficult to heal due to the limited blood supply to it. A fractured scaphoid can result in the wrist being placed in plaster for up to 12 weeks.

Knox SPS keeps riders doing what they love.
“Thanks to your Handroid gloves, I came out of a high-speed crash with a 300m slide with my hands unscathed. I still play guitar, go to work and make money to buy motorcycles and enjoy all the things I do because of the work you do!”
– Michael
The effectiveness of the Scaphoid Protection System has been proven time and again on the track.
“Unfortunately, I suffered a high-speed crash at Brands hatch, this is not a place you want to crash. I had no injuries to my hands whatsoever, the gloves showed very little sign of crash damage, and are ready to use again, unlike the bike”
– Chris B
Imagine not being able to grip and the effect on your daily life?
Knox think it’s so important that they fitted The SPS on every glove in the Knox collection. It can also be found on the gloves of selected brand partners. Look for the Knox logo to ensure it’s genuine scaphoid protection. If it’s not Knox, it can’t be trusted.