New hose removal pliers from Laser Tools

New hose removal pliers from Laser Tools

If you have ever been tempted to use a pair of grips or a screwdriver to remove a hose from a fixing, hopefully you were able to do it before causing damage — to the hose, the surrounding components, or (more importantly) you. These new Hose Removal Pliers from Laser Tools (part number 7887) will ensure that you never run that risk.

Laser Tools hose removal pliersThese pliers have been designed to allow for the easy removal of vacuum and fuel hoses with diameters between 4 – 10mm. Their spring loaded heavy duty construction eases the removal of stubborn hoses, and the colour coded arms ensure you have the tool the correct way around first time. Simply push the tool on to the metal pipe with the silver side towards the rubber hose, the black (gripper) jaw grips on to the metal pipe and then the silver (pusher) jaw pushes against the hose and slides it off the pipe.

You will wonder why you ever struggled before. Usefully, the pliers also includes 8mm and 10mm open-ended spanners on the handles.

These real timesavers are available now from your Laser Tools stockist and are typically priced at £17.52 (price includes VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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