Newark Autojumble – June 2018

MZ autojumbleUsually we set our alarm for 5.30am for our pilgrimage to Newark, this is because we take some stuff to sell.

Fancying a later start and a lack of subprime stock to shift we decided to indulge in a rare Sunday lay in and head up mid morning.

Peeling off the A1 for Newark at 10.30am we were met with stop start traffic until we hit the show ground, that will teach us to be slackers!

Come rain or shine there’s always plenty of people with the same idea. By 11am we were in.

The decent bargains would’ve been snaffled up by now, but we didn’t care, honest. The social side is a massive part of life in the jumble.

Newark autojumbleThere was no shortage of bikes, projects and parts on offer, a half naked YPVS 350 caught our eye, but sadly the seller wasn’t around to give us an idea of price. We nattered to traders that we know, they reported back to us that trade was slow, the queues for ice creams were longer than those for bike parts.

An unloved MZ took our fancy but we didn’t act on impulse and buy it. A shabby Slabby 750 looked pretty honest, but the £2,950 asking price was way beyond what we’d have wanted to pay, shame.