Newark classic bike show

Newark Classic Bike Guide Winter Show

Yamaha RD350 LCThe 2020 classic motorcycle show season is now officially underway! We took the A1 to Newark for a wander around the The Classic Bike Guide Winter Show, that was sponsored by the good folk at Carole Nash.

Newark is a well known venue for those that love a rumble in the jumble, but there’s more to motorcycle events at Newark these days than hundreds of jumble plots sp

Newark classic bike show

rawling across the fields of the show ground.

The majority of the show was safely away from the elements, thankfully Mother Nature didn’t choose to piddle on the parade, which will have pleased the autojumble traders.

There was a decent spread of eras covered by the invited classic motorcycle clubs. Everything from British classics from the middle of the last century through to the emerging classics of the Noughties. The VJMC had a broad variety of bikes on display, with their rolling rule of a machine needing to be 15 years old at least to gain entry to their club expect to see some motorcycles from 2005 vying for positions on their club stand at future events this year.

It’s not just the big boy clubs that got the call to exhibit, there was no end of stands that have come about thanks to like minded minds on social media. These ranged from classic scooters to full on drag and race bikes, and of course pretty much everything in the middle.

For those still beavering away on their own winter projects there was plenty of offerings in the autojumble, it’s amazing how often you discover something for sale that you didn’t realise that you couldn’t live without…..

The social side of these events is for many enough of a reason to make the effort to show up. In this virtual age it’s always great to catch up with mates over a wander around a bike show. Roll on the next show of the year and enjoy these snaps.

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