OptiMate1 Duo Battery Charger Review

OptiMate1 Duo Battery Charger Review

New for 2019, the OptiMate1 Duo takes battery charging and maintenance to the next level, automatically recognising whether a battery is lead acid or Lithium Ion, so the user can just plug-in and go.

Faced with a new or a recently acquired used bike, owners are often unaware of which type of battery their machine is fitted with – lead acid (AGM, STD or GEL type) or the increasingly popular Lithium Ion (Li-ion).

OptiMate1 Duo Battery ChargerUsing the wrong charger with either type, but particularly Li-ion, can have catastrophic consequences, damaging the battery beyond repair over a relatively short period of time.

OptiMate 1 Duo uses the latest charging technology to automatically determine the type of battery is it connected to, and selects the charging programme to suit – so you don’t have to.

It’s ideal for owners of multiple machines too – no need for different chargers and no danger of attaching them to the wrong machine.

There’s no risk of over- or under-charging and the OptiMate1 Duo has built-in spark suppression, with automatic shut-down, if short-circuited or the battery is disconnected. The unique 24-7-365 programme means the user can just ‘connect and forget’.

It’s safe to use with all 12 volt lead-acid, STD filler cap and wet cell, sealed AGM (MF) or GEL; and 12.8/13.2V lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.

The Review

We have reviewed a few Optimate chargers in the past and they always live up to expectations and finally, a charger is launched that can take a lead acid or Lithium battery. Small and compact and provided is a handy hanger to hang from the bike or within the garage causing less stress on the wires. Very simple to set up and use, childproof even! 

Comes with a 6ft lead so can reach across the garage if you were too tight to install plug points on both sides! 

We tested it on a couple of dead (or dying) batteries and it brought both back to life overnight (8+ hours)

The OptiMate1 Duo retails for £42.99 including VAT – less than the price of most replacement batteries – and comes with everything needed to get connected. 

Built in safety features so you can leave plugged in over winter, save yourself the agro of replacing your battery every Spring and buy one of these!



Visit www.optimate1.com for details.