Optimising your Classic Motorcycle for Sale

Kawasaki H2With the news that used vehicle sales have returned to pre-recession levels in the UK, it appears to be the ideal time for those looking to sell their motorcycle. With demand and market value continuing to soar, there is a unique opportunity for motorcyclists to capitalise and optimise the resale value of their vehicle. Those with classic motorcycles face an altogether more difficult challenge, however, as these vehicles tend to cost more and are likely to have undergone numerous modifications and alterations.

How to Prepare your Classic Motorcycle for Resale

Another issue facing classic motorcycle owners is that they are actively seeking a return on their investment, rather than aiming to minimise their potential loss. With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to optimise the resale of your classic motorcycle? Consider the following: –

  • Consider the Use of Colour and Unusual Designs: While you may have been tempted to personalise your classic motorcycle with garish colours and meaningful designs, these can come back to haunt you when the time comes to sell. It is crucial that your motorcycle appeals to the mass market as much as possible, so consider repainting the vehicle or altering its aesthetic design to ensure that it achieves this aim.
  • Remove any Personalised Plates and Registration Numbers: The procurement of personalised and private registration plates is one of the most popular customisation methods in the UK, and it certainly helps you to make a vehicle your own. It can be counter-productive when selling your motorcycle, however, especially if the details relates to your name or that of favourite sports team. This should therefore be removed prior to sale and replaced with a more generic registration plate. To sell your existing plate or purchase a new one, consider visiting the online resource Plate Hunter at your earliest convenience.

Ensure that your Motorcycle is Functional and in Good Condition: If your classic motorcycle has been sitting idle on a driveway or in a garage for a prolonged period of time, it may not be in the best condition. While your potential buyers may not wish to use the motorcycle as a mode of transportation, however, they at least want a functional and well maintained vehicle that will grow in value over time. So ensure that it is in pristine condition prior to marketing for a direct sale.