bespoke brake lines on line from Venhill

Order bespoke brake lines on line from Venhill

Order bespoke brake lines on line from VenhillVenhill has introduced an online service for riders requiring custom length brake lines. Using a simple 3-step system, customers choose first the required length of hose and then the necessary fitting for either end, using drop-down menus. This will be welcome news to builders of custom machines as well as owners who have modified their bikes (e.g. wider or flatter handlebars) or those restoring motorcycles.

All of the lines are manufactured at Venhill’s UK factory to meet both the American DOT and German TÜV standards. Lengths vary from as little as 100mm to a whooping 2.4 metres and colour options include white, blue, orange, red, yellow, light green, purple, black and clear. Customers can also specify whether they require chrome or stainless steel fittings and off-road riders can order rigid protection sleeves too.

Simple-to-follow instructions on how to measure brake lines appear on the website and experienced staff at Venhill can assist if necessary. “When fitting new lines ensure that there is ‘free play’ – they must not be strained or under tension” advises Venhill’s John van der Hoff. “Remember to consider full steering and suspension travel.”

Prices vary according to specifications, so once the online form is completed Venhill will email the customer with a quote for the custom lines.

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