Gladstone Motorcycles

Press release New SE from Gladstone Motorcycles

Gladstone Motorcycles have unveiled a new model – the SE – following the completion of their initial run of nine No.1 bobbers.

Launched in 2013, each Gladstone No.1 required a build programme lasting 6 months and was delivered with a brass plaque on the oil tank to denote the production number.

Designer Guy Willison describes the SE as “a slightly lazier, earthier version of the No.1”

He continues; “We wanted to build a bike where we didn’t have customers for it – this is what I’d build for myself as a personalised bike on the road. No outside influence – just me and Henry [Cole – TV presenter and company founder] building what we want to ride”.

Gladstone SEThe SE shares the key components that create the distinctive look of a Gladstone – Metisse nickel plated rigid frame, bespoke alloy petrol tank and fake oil tank, 5” Smiths analogue speedo – but with some substantial changes;

  • Refurbished 650cc 4-speed T120R motor, with right foot gear shift and single carburettor, replaces 750cc Triumph T140 engine, with 5-speed left foot gear shift.
  • Norman Hyde M-bars replace flat bars.
  • Shorter (720mm) Ceriani front forks .
  • Norton TLS front brake replaces Ceriani replica Grimeca 4-leading shoe drum.
  • Painted Aston Martin Rosso red (all No.1s were black).

Much of the detail is changed too;

  • Flush-fitting petrol cap replaces Monza design
  • Doherty levers
  • Natural rubber Tommaselli handlebar grips
  • Brass bezel on headlamp and tail light
  • Alcantara seat with red stitching colour-matched to paintwork

Each SE will be built to order, so customers can specify various aspects of the machine, such as colour, grips and saddle, to suit their taste.

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